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Lunch boxes for business

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Our solutions for your lunches

(Free delivery in Nun's Island)

Vachement Gourmand is your business partner to ensure an original lunch for your guests and your contributors.

It's better to order your lunch 24h ahead by phone on 514 766 2233 or by email : In case of last minute order, it is possible that we don't have every products you want because we work with fresh products and everything is home made, at this time, we will offer you an alternative.

To ease the distribution you can separate the orders per person by telling us which names to put on which boxes.

You can pay with credit card by phone, during the delivery with cash or ask for open an account.

Please download the form here (In French) : excel or pdf

Thanks for trusting us.

Some example of our Sandwich or salad :

- Sandwich "Vachement vietamien" : Ciabatta bread, lame chicken, crunchy and marinated vegetables in asiatique style

- Sandwich "Vachement crabe royal " : viennese bread, king crabe, shrimps, grapefruit, wasabi mayonnaise and tarragon

- Sandwich "Vachement Auvergnat" : crispy French loaf, Auvergne's prosciutto, goat cheese, pear, honey and thyme

- Sandwich "Vachement Italien" : Mozzarela di buffala, Italian tomato, red and grenn pesto, ruccola

- Sandwich "Vachement Saumon" : black bread colored with squid ink, confit salmon with maple and olive oil, daîkon and spinach grows

- Sandwich "Vachement canard" : Crispy french Loaf, duck rillettes, beet rot in different style

- Sandwich of the week


- Salad with "Bleu d'Elisabeth", pistachios, blueberries, cucumbers

- Quinoa salad with crunchy vegetables, chicken filet with sweet spices

- Cherry tomatoes salad with melon and Quebec's cheese

- Auvergne's Prosciutto salad with nectarines and tomatoes

- Salad of the week

- "Vachement Lemon" tart, Italian meringue and lime zest

- "Vachement Strawberries or Raspberries" tart, depending on the availability

- "Vachement choco-orange" tart, with stewed orange and whipped cream with orange blossom

- "Vachement nuts" tart, with macadamia nuts, pistachios and pecans


- Small water bottle

- Perrier

- Fruit juice

- Coke or Diet Coke